2013 Claas 3300 Quadrant Large Square Baler

Excellent price for a great baler. Compare with others for sale for $120k plus.
Financing Available!

All service and Factory Improvements and Updates done by Claas Dealer.
The measure of success.
CLAAS complements its product range with the QUADRANT 3300 series.

Features include:
• Bale size: 48" x 35.5" (1.20 x 0.90 m)
• High speed binding
• Hydraulic pre-chamber, controllable from the cab
• Application in alfalfa, straw, hay, silage, miscanthus, hemp, rice straw, corn, canola
• Interactive drive protection
• Operation via COMMUNICATOR with color display
• Moisture Meter
• Left and Right Indicators
• Simple gearbox drive, can't get out of time!
• One small chain on the baler

Claas’s patented single simple knot system has the industry highest knot strength. Claas is the only baler that builds their own knotter! Plugged? No worries! Stay in the seat, throttle down, wait a moment the chamber releases, the baler re-engages on it’s own, discharges the plug and you are baling again without leaving the seat! Try the Claas Big Baler difference today!

The QUADRANT 3300 square balers set the benchmark for quality in the 3 x 4 bale class. A new, innovative bale chamber allows you to produce firm and securely tied bales.

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