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Herd of Tibetan Yak Near Ann Arbor, MI

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  • Apr 5-19:35
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  • Northville,  Michigan, United States   48168
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  • Apr 5-19:35



My husband and I are transitioning into retirement, and ready to find new farm families for our Tibetan Yaks. We are offering our herd in two separate groups, and we also have two calves that are being offered individually. Group 1 is our ‘Cream of the Crop’ herd. These are the best of our best, and registered in the IYAK Foundation herd book. This group consists of our main herd sire and our 4 best cows (who should be bred). Group 1 is $30,000 if picked up before calving begins (mid May). Group 2 consists of an almost two year old son of our herd sire (eligible for Foundation book registration) plus 4 cows, bred by the herd sire. 3 of these cows are registered in the IYAK Appendix herd book. Group 2 is $20,000 if picked up before calving. We have a Super Woolly 7 month old bottle baby yak bull who has been weaned. $3,500. We also have an 8 month old Super Woolly heifer who has just been weaned off her mother. $3,500. Both calves have impressive pedigrees and are eligible for registration in the IYAK Foundation herd book.


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