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Giant African Land Snails And Other Achatinadaes

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  • $100 USD
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  • $20 USD
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  • May 14-22:25
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  • Los Angeles,  California, United States   90202
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  • (555) 555-5555

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  • Listing Began:
  • May 14-22:25



We breed and hand raised all specie of the achatina Snails for sale now, our snails are diseases free. Our snails are never wild captured. We also have a lot of snails fresh eggs and Shells of all our specie available as well, so the different specie of Achatina Snails available are as follows:

Achatina fulica
Achatina glutinosa
Achatina iredalei
Achatina immaculata
Archachatina marginata
Achatina achatina
Achatina varicosa,
Achatina reticulata,
Achatina panthera (brown form),
Achatina panthera (striped form),
Achatina albopicta,
Achatina stuhlmanni,
Achatina fulica rodatzi (albino shell),
Archachatina marginata ovum,
Archachatina marginata suturalis,
Archachatina puylaepti (albino body),
Archachatina degneri
Achatina alisa
Achatina balteata
Achatina banderiana
Achatina craveni
Achatina achatine
Achatina albino
Achatina alisa
Achatina balteata
Achatina gana
Achatina iostoma
Achatina jade
Achatina jadetzi
Achatina nyikaensis
Achatina reticular
Achatina smithii
Achatina tiger
Achatina tincta
Achatina white
Achatina zanzibara
Achatina zanzibarica
Achatina zebra
Achatina nyikaensis
Achatina vignalia
Achatina viliridae
Achatina viridis
Achatina volxifera
Archachatina adelinae
Archachatina albino
Archachatina bicarinata
Archachatina cinnamomea
Archachatina crawfordi
Archachatina dimidiata
Archachatina granulata
Archachatina ustulata
Helix apsersa
Helix lucorum
Euglandina rosea
Eobania vermiculata
Cepaea nemoralis
Cochlitoma varicosa
Helix pomatia
Megalobulimus oblongus
Otala lactea
Pseudachatina colorata
Pseudachatina connectens

Archachatina limitanea are available for sale now at reasonable prices including shipping worldwide if required. Please feel free to share, like, recommend and tag your friends and other snail lovers to this, we do welcome all questions and other inquiries now. contact us directly at caracoles02 at .


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  • archachatina marginata sutarilis silver



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