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Off-Grid Free-Range - 18 Chicken Hatching Eggs Closed

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Off Grid Free Range Chicken Flock - 1st Year Layers - 18 Hatching Eggs

All chickens have weathered a full summer and fall as juveniles and weathered extreme cold and blistering winds of 50 MPH plus as a flock during the winter behind bales of natural straw used as a wind break in a hand constructed yurt. Tarps and straw bales were the only thing breaking the wind, snow and ice as natural flocking was encouraged to keep the flock warm and keep them from freezing with temperatures down to 0 - 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Organic Poultry feed was feed during yurt time and during the harsh winter and spring time but only as a supplement after chickens free ranged in tall grass and forest woodland ecosystems.

Natural habitat and natural breeding were encouraged between the flock with an average of 6 hours of free range per day with the exception of violent storms and advisories. Part of the original flock separated from the original flock of 60 birds and never returned. Current flock size is 34 chickens (4 roosters and 30 hens) (4 other roosters were sold this spring). This left 34 chickens after some losses due to extreme weather conditions (cold and flooding). No artificial heating or artificial light were provided, just natural heating and light from the sun. On average each chicken free ranges 6 hours per day unless the weather is extremely bad.

If you would like some Off-Grid Chickens hardened to the elements these are the offspring of our small Off-Grid flock. There are several different breeds which mostly lay large to extra large brown eggs with several Easter Egg layers as well. You are bidding on 18 mostly fertilized eggs that are kept continually with the 4 roosters in the pictures provided. I make no claim to how many eggs are fertilized but suspect from the activity of the roosters that most are fertilized.

These are great chickens and extremely active at foraging and free ranging for grub.

After hatching selected lots of eggs from 4 consecutive days, included is a picture of chicks as 2 to 3 days old chicks to show you what the chicks look like just hatched. These are beautiful looking chicks who will grow up to produce mostly large to extra large brown eggs with a few blue egg layers as well. I believe you will be happy with your purchase. My hatch rate ranges from 27% to 35% from all eggs but your hatch rate may vary from mine. Rooster to Hen ratio is 1 Roo to 7.5 Hens to maintain fertility in the field.

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