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Meishan pig breeding trio

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  • $1,000 USD
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  • Aug 1-21:43
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  • Columbus,  Ohio, United States   43062

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  • Aug 1-21:43



This are the Uber pig. They are very easy to raise and are closer to a dog than a pig in how they act. Take everything you know about pigs and forget about it. We let small children in with our 400 lbs boars and they are as sweet as can be. You can grab the piglets from their mother with out worry of her coming after you. There is no aggression towards humans.

They are very easy to raise. Given enough room they can forage all their own food.

Extremely hardy, one of our sows farrowed late November last year and all piglets made it through the harsh winter with nothing more than a simple three sided shelter.

Amazing mothers, Meishans have a 99% survival rate from birth. You do not have to do anything to assist with the birth. Give them space and they will build a nest and give birth without any human intervention. Litters average 12 to 15 but can be higher, some have given birth to 20 to 25.

We have 3 that have free range all over our property and they mostly stay on our land other than one sow paying visits to a little girl down our street. She always comes back and if we wanted to stop her we would just need to add a fence panel but since all the people on the street love her we allow it.

You can walk them like a dog but don't need a leash as they will stay right by your side.

This are also critically endangered with less than 3000 estimated to be left in the world.

You have a chance to help bring the breed back from the brink is extinction.

We have three unique sows and two unique boars. All parents are on site.

We have the following for sale now:

1 Male and 2 Females. Male and females are unrelated. Females are half sisters. They share the same father but have different mothers. $1000 for the trio.

We also have 3 barrows that are only a month or two from being ready for the butcher. They are $400 per pig. Currently estimated to be 150 to 200 pounds. These are not a white meat pig, they are a well marbled red meat. Consider a delicacy in China and Japan.

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